This is a highly interactive and engaging course focusing on the knowledge and skills required of facility security officers. The scope of this training is designed to satisfy the maritime security training requirements of the Maritime EdclassTransportation Security Act of 2002, Chapter IX-2 of SOLAS 74 as amended, the IMO IPS Code and relevant Coast Guard regulations. In particular, the duties and responsibilities with respect to security of a port facility, for ensuring the development of a Facility Security Assessment, for ensuring the development of, implementing, maintaining and updating a Facility Security Plan and for liaising with Ship Security Officers (SSOs) and Company Security Officers (CSOs).

This course will be held on June 4-6 at the Marriott New Orleans Hotel. Following the course conclusion on June 6th, the Sympsoium will begin.


The goal of the Seebald & Associates Facility Training Officer Course is to familiarize FSOs and others with security duties of the salient regulations, equipment and topics they may encounter in pursuit of their assigned duties.

Those who successfully complete this course will have the competence to:

  1. Develop, maintain and supervise the implementation of a facility security plan;
  2. Assess security risk, threat, and vulnerability;
  3. Undertake regular inspections of the facility to ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained;
  4. Ensure that security equipment and any systems, if any, are properly operated, tested and calibrated; and
  5. Encourage security awareness and vigilance.

Topics include:

  • Maritime Security Policy
  • Security Responsibilities
  • Port Security Assessments
  • Security Equipment
  • Port facility Security Plan
  • Threat Identification
  • Port Facility Security Actions
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Security Administration
  • Security Training