Charles Blackmore currently serves as a Marine Transportation System Specialist – Cyber at the US Coast Guard’s Office of Port & Facility Compliance where he is responsible for the development of guidance, doctrine, and policy used throughout the Marine Transportation System, including Maritime Transportation Security Act regulated facilities. Among his accomplishments is guidance on incorporation of cybersecurity in Facility Security Plans.

His past roles include Chief Information Security Officer for the National Endowment for the Arts where he is responsible for the development, coordination, implementation, oversight, and management of the agency's information security, privacy, and IT risk management programs to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of agency systems, networks and data IT Specialist - working in the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer for the US Coast Guard dealing with Federal Information System Modernization Act compliance and risk management activities across the enterprise. He has worked as a government contractor and in the private sector in his 20+ year career. Mr. Blackmore obtained his Master’s Degree in Information Assurance in 2019 and holds several cybersecurity certifications.