Mr. Eric Linden is a dedicated public servant devoted to making our world a safer and more secure place to work and live. In 1988 he began his experience as C.O.O., managing one of the largest major South Texas manufacturing companies. Due to the close proximity of the border, Mr. Linden developed a relationship with U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs. His work included searching truck lines for drugs with a desire to have a zero tolerance policy. In 2001, after training with Donald Williams (Head K9 Trainer for US Secret Service) he started his own company investing in and handling his own team of drug and bomb detection canines. His experience includes contracts at major entertainment events. He has worked his way toward being an expert in the petrochemical field by developing a keen interest in helping secure our nations rail systems. He has worked with the top three major oil companies from coast to coast. In 2004 he designed a plan to provide security for construction sites in deep water locations, a service that is appreciated by both worker and executive alike. In 2006, Mr. Linden received his certification for Advanced Bodyguard, High Risk PSD, Executive Protection, and Hostage Rescue. Mr. Linden is currently partnered with Integritas Security Services, Inc., a certified WBE, as Managing Director. He is licensed by the ATF, DEA and is a Qualified Manager for the State of Texas, Louisiana, and California.