Wednesday, February 1 - 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Cybersecurity Enforcement - LCDR Matt Whitney, Coast Guard Headquaters Cybersecurity Branch, Mr. C. Nicholas Parham, USCG Atlantic Area Cybersecurity Specialist and Mr. Carl Hatfield, District Eight Cybersecurity Specialist.  The panel facilitated by CAPT John Felker, USCG (ret.) will discuss the challenges and trends identified during the Coast Guard's approval of the MTSA regulated Facility Security Plan's cybersecurity assessment and annex requirement.  The panel will also discuss cybersecurity incidents impacting MTSA regulated facilities and the coordinated response efforts.

High Reliability Operations with focus on Situational AwarenessSpencer Byrum, CEO of HRS Consulting – As an internationally known expert in adapting High Reliability Organization Best Practices in high risk industries, Mr. Byrum will share his experiences in developing innovative process improvements and training for professions in which people need to make critical decisions in a stressful and demanding environment. These strategies can help port facilities become more effective if dealing with maritime security issues and emergencies.

Key Note Speech - The Evolving Threat of ActivismDr. William N. Wilkins, PhD, Valero Executive Director, Global Security & Construction Management – This practical discussion focuses on the tactics employed and countermeasures taken during the coordinated direct action protests throughout the UK and the threat posed to loading facilities, marine transportation infrastructure, headquarters buildings, and retail distribution. This presentation explores how the use of sophisticated strategies and structures have led to mature intelligence-based, well-coordinated, and strongly financed operations.  Due to their success, these techniques will undoubtedly be adopted by domestic activist groups.

Awards Reception 6:00pm to 8:00pm Sponsored by MAGNAR – Seebald & Associates will recognize high-performing facilities and organizations.

Thursday February 2 - 8:30am to 4:00pm

Captain Andrew Meyers, Office Chief for USCG Port & Facility Compliance – share the latest policy and regulatory changes regarding Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) reader final rule and it's enforcement.  They will also discuss facility inspection violations from all MTSA regulated facilities over the past two years and respond to questions related to current policy and regulatory issues, along with the status on NVIC 03-03 change 3.

SGT Jay Santalucia, Broward Sheriff's Office - will discuss recent active shooter incidents highlighting how to prepare and respond to an incident and provide common precursor symptoms and behavorial signs.

Access Control - Screening - Eric Linden, Managing Director, Integritas Security Service Inc. Integritas provides canines for facility security including bomb and drug dogs. Eric Linden will explain and demonstrate the use of dogs including a video demonstration.  Credentialing - Ian Wristbridge, CEO MAGNAR LLC will discuss how leveraging cloud based technology and portable electronics signifcantly improves access control effectiveness and efficiencies. 

Tampa Bay Boat Tour - Port Tampa Bay is hosting a boat tour of Tampa Bay to end the 2023 Facility Security Symposium & FSO Academy.