Facility Security Officer Panel Discussion - Coordinating Safety & Security in Port Facility Operations - John Goebel, Marine Coordinator, Cheniere Energy; Matt Marlow, Cheniere Energy; Brian Shajari, Lucite International; Cdr Eric Acosta, Port FSO for St. Bernard Port & Terminal Director, Area Maritime Security Committee Vice-Chair for Sector New Orleans. – These FSOs and Security Supervisors have vast maritime security, law enforcement and port operations experience . In this session, these FSOs will share ideas and best practices for balancing and blending security requirements and operations in their port facility environment.

Captain of the Port Panel – Facility Security from COTPs view: CAPT Kevin Oditt, Sector Commander Houston-Galveston and CAPT Kristi Luttrell, Deputy Sector Commander New Orleans.
This panel discussion will present the local Captain of the Port’s perspective on Facility Security inspections, issues, and policy challenges affecting MTSA regulated facilities in their area of responsibility.

The FBI’s Role in Managing Security in the Maritime Environment - Supervisory Special Agent Clinton J. Morano – serves as the Unit Chief for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Joint Terrorism Task Force - 2 – In this session Supervisory Special Agent Morano will provide insight into the FBI’s role in counterterrorism and its maritime security association. His supervisory responsibility for 900+ FBI agents and Task Force Officers assigned to FBI offices throughout the country will provide great insight into current threats and risks.

Coast Guard Policy Changes and Regulatory Requirements: Transportation Worker Identification Credential enforcement and Facility Security Plan Cyber Security requirements – Lieutenant Commander, Yamaris Barril, Office of Port and Facility Compliance, USCG – In this session, LCDR Barril will share the latest policy and regulatory changes regarding Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) final rule enforcement and the Cyber Security NVIC that will affect Facility Security Officers and regulated facilities in the near future. LCDR Barril will also discuss facility inspection violations from all MTSA regulated facilities over the past two years and respond to questions related to current policy and regulatory issues.

Active Shooter –  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Natalie Phelan, New Orleans FBI Office – As the active shooter situations becomes increasingly more common, Special Agent Phelan will discuss what signs to look for to prevent potential situations, how to protect yourself and respond. She will also answer questions.

Physical Security at High Value/High Risk Facilities - Eric Linden, Managing Director, Integritas Security Service Inc. Integritas provides canines for facility security including bomb and drug dogs. Eric Linden will explain and demonstrate the use of dogs including a field demonstration.

Panel Discussion - Cyber-Security Threats in the Maritime Environment - Panel – CDR H. “Lars” McCarter, Coast Guard Cyber Command; Cliff Neve, Managing Partner for MAD Security, Nick Andersen, former Navy Intelligence CIO & USCG Intelligence CIO and FBI New Orleans Special Agent, Matt Ramey.
Recent reports indicate the potential for tragic consequences if our port facility technology systems are “hacked”. The reports also indicate that many US ports are currently at high risk. A panel of government and industry experts will address this important topic.

Facility audits – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Lessons Learned From Facility Audits & Plan Development – CAPT Brian Kelley, USCG, (ret.), Chief Operating Officer, Seebald & Associates – Over the last several years Seebald and Associates have conducted a large number of audits, assessments and the development of plans. During this session, Brian and the Seebald team will share some observations, “lessons learned” and a blooper or two.

Keynote Speech – Facility Security – Captain Thomas Kaminski, Eighth Coast Guard District Chief of Prevention – During this session, CAPT Kaminski will discuss Facility Security Inspection results, latest trends and issues, threats and Coast Guard’s priorities.

Natural Disaster Response and Security – Rear Admiral Thomas Atkin, Coast Guard (ret.) and Commander John Lovejoy, Marine Safety Office Port Arthur Executive Officer – During this session, they will discuss Hurricane Katrina’s and Harvey’s impacts, the Coast Guard’s response and how security was managed.