FSO Symposium

The Facility Security Symposium and FSO Academy were created for members of the national and international port communities. Our goal - Creating a Strong Security Culture - Personnel, Physical & Cyber.

The Facility Security Symposium provides a unique opportunity to have direct access to the leaders who establish regulatory requirements as well as industry trailblazers who demonstrate best practices and procedures. The FSO Academy offers U.S. Coast Guard approved, best-in-industry training for key port security personnel, such as Company Security Officers and Facility Security Officers.

The Symposium brings port facility professionals from around the country and world to share their expertise as well as examine current and future trends. Attendees will hear from senior U.S. Coast Guard personnel and other key partners who will deliver cutting-edge insight on regulatory changes with a spotlight on exemplary facilities that are leading the way.

The Facility Security Symposium begins at 1:30pm on February 1, 2023LCDR Matt Whitney, Coast Guard Headquarters Cybersecurity Branch, Mr. Nick Parham, and Mr. Carl Hatfield Marine Transporation System Cyber Specialists from Atlantic Area and District Eight respectively, will discuss recent cyber incidents to maritime facilities, the approval process for the cybersecurity assessment and annex now required in the Facility Security Plan, what the enforcement expectations are, and any challenges or trends experienced during this initial approval process.  High Reliability Operations with focus on Situational Awareness - Spencer Byrum, CEO of HRS Consulting – As an internationally known expert in adapting High Reliability Organization Best Practices in high risk industries, Mr. Byrum will share his experiences in developing innovative process improvements and training for professions in which people need to make critical decisions in a stressful and demanding environment. These strategies can help port facilities become more effective if dealing with maritime security issues and emergencies. 

The keynote speaker, Dr. William Wilkins, PhD, Valero Executive Director, Global Security & Construction Management, will discuss the response and lessons learned from the recent protests on Valero facilities in the United Kingdom and Valero's planning against this threat against their facilities in the U.S.  He will also discuss Valero's philosophy for managing third-party security guard vacancies and high turnover rate. 

The Facility Security Symposium includes an Awards Ceremony and Reception on February 1stSeebald & Associates will be acknowledging high-performing facilities and organizations.  The reception will include food and drinks sponsored by MAGNAR.

On February 2ndCaptain Andrew Meyers, Office of Port & Facility Compliance will discuss policy changes, TWIC reader policy and enforcement, and most common violations during compliance inspections.  Sgt Jay Santalucia, Broward Sheriff's Office will present on recent Active Shooter incidents, preparedness and response along with highlighting pre-incident symptoms and behavorial signs.  Access Control thru Screening - Eric LindenManaging Director, Integritas Security Service Inc. - Integritas provides canines for facility security including bomb and drug dogs. Eric Linden will explain and demonstrate the use of dogs including a video demonstration.  Access Control thru credentialing - Ian WristbridgeCEO MAGNAR LLC  will discuss how leveraging cloud based technology and portable electronics signifcantly improves access control effectiveness and efficiencies.  A Boat Tour of Tampa Bay hosted by Port Tampa Bay will wrap up the Facility Security Symposium & FSO Academy.

To maximize attendee experience and access to subject matter specialists, the Facility Security Symposium will have a limited capacity. Registration confirmation will be strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Make your travel plans and register today!



Three-Day U.S. Coast Guard - Approved Facility Security Officer Course

This course is designed for new FSO and Alternate FSOs, for upper level managers of FSOs, and for FSOs who have not taken the course in the past 3 years. The FSO Academy features a three day U.S. Coast Guard Approved - Facility Security Officer Course January 30 - February 1. This highly interactive and engaging course focuses on the knowledge and skills required of Facility Security Officers. The scope of this industry renowned training is designed to satisfy the maritime security training requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, Chapter IX-2 of SOLAS 74 as amended, the IMO IPS Code, and relevant U.S. Coast Guard regulations. In particular, the duties and responsibilities with respect to security of a port facility, for ensuring the development of a Facility Security Assessment, for ensuring the development of, implementing, maintaining and updating a Facility Security Plan, and for liaising with Vessel Security Officers (VSOs) and Company Security Officers (CSOs)

One Day FSO Refresher Course

This course is designed for FSOs and Alternate FSOs who have taken the FSO course within the past 3 years. The FSO Academy offers a one-day Refresher Course on January 31st for those who have previously been certified in a Seebald & Associates’ U.S. Coast Guard approved Facility Security Officer course. This refresher provides participants an update on recent changes in laws and regulations that are vital to understand. This course will re-ground you in your duties and responsibilities with respect to security of a port facility, implementing, maintaining and updating a Facility Security Plan, identifying emerging threats, and liaising with regulatory agencies.

Facility Security Symposium

The Facility Security Symposium begins on Wednesday, February 1st at 1:30pm and is scheduled to conclude  5:30pm Thursday, February 2nd. The Symposium will be filled with informative sessions by security experts in the field and representatives of exemplary port facilities from around the country. The size of the Symposium will be limited to provide for dialog and discussion among all participants.

Award Reception

The Facility Security Symposium Day One culminates with an evening cocktail reception open to all registrants. In addition to the exceptional social networking opportunity Seebald & Associates CEO, Commander Edward P. Seebald, U.S. Coast Guard (ret.), will announce the "Ports of Excellence" awards in a ceremony that formally recognizes exemplary port facilities and personnel.


Who Should Attend the Facility Security Symposium & FSO Academy:

  • U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Area, Districts and Sectors
  • Companies that Own or Operate a 33 CFR 105 Facility
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Dept of Defense Maritime Components
  • Law Enforcement Agencies with Maritime Missions
  • State and Local Government
  • Leisure Boating Associations
  • Marina Owners and Operators
  • Commercial Shipping Associations
  • Foreign Military and Federal Agencies
  • Terminal Operators
  • Port Operators and Administrators
  • Port Security Directors
  • Port Government Relations Officers
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Directors
  • Commercial Ship Owners and Operators
  • Cruise and Ferry Operators
  • Workboat Operators
  • Security Service Providers and Consultants
  • System Integrators
  • Security Technology Providers
  • YOU!

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